Damaged Building Reports / Building Movement Investigations

Our Mr Lindsay B Reid has over thirty (30) years' experience investigating the causes and most appropriate remedial works required to stabilise damaged and distressed buildings.

Our objective is to thoroughly investigate and analyse the reasons why your building is experiencing problems. We aim to provide solutions which will provide a holistic approach working with the principles of nature to solve your building's issues. In this difficult field of engineering, our team has successfully stabilised over 97% of the 1,000 plus buildings using techniques we have developed over an extensive period of time.

These solutions have generally involved minimal cost to the owner.

Our clients range from Government Departments, major corporations, Regional Councils and private clients. We will almost certainly provide you with a plan to address your building movement issues which will be as cost effective as possible.

Building damage due to foundation movements can be the cause of economic loss, reduced property value and the source of significant personaly anxiety.

Since the introduction of The Australian Standard Code for Residential Slabs and Footings in 1986, minimum structural design requirements have been mandatory in regard to the strength of building foundation systems. Unfortunately such requirements are not always provided.

During a thirty (30) year period, our Mr Lindsay B Reid has developed specific techniques to investigate and stabilise buildings suffering from foundation related problems. The objective of any building movement investigation must be to firstly determine the exact nature and magnitude of the movements and whether this movement is within acceptable levels. Following these assessments, soil testing and independent assessments of the original foundation design will sometimes be needed to establish the probable cause of the issues being experienced.

Our objective is to stabilise your building in the most cost effective manner. We generally do not favour expensive options such as underpinning, except in very occasional circumstances. We generally find this type of work to be unnecessary.

Having completed over 650 investigations for the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (formerly Builder's Registration Board and Queensland Building Services Authority), and up to 1,000 investigations in total, this firm has extensive experience having successfully stabilised or "controlled" the issues relating to practically all of the buildings investigated.

Our "in-house" geotechnical, structural and surveying capabilities provide us with unique abilities to tackle most building movement investigations.

Commercial and larger building movement evaluations included such clients as:

  • The Quantas Founders Museum Committee (Longreach)
  • Various Councils
  • Numerous private clients
  • The University of Southern Queensland


Completed Projects